Another Blunder in Aesthetic Fixtures

In our vacation earlier this May, end us up going back to Bantayan Island as it is the nearest good beach destination so for the family to gather. There are so many variable things that were considered before we end up there and we stayed in Sta. Fe Beach Resort for two main reasons. One, being near from the pier itself and the next is that, they have cheaper rates for the extended family of ours and since they have plans of going to Ogtong Cave, it is the best option as to speak since they offer free day use of their facilities if you are staying at Sta. Fe Beach Resort.

The photo above is the family cottages that we occupied for 3D/2N while the one below is the main building of the resort that houses the standard and deluxe rooms.

Since the vacation is a family gathering, to celebrate the 70th birthday of our father, we opted to occupy the cottages for numerical reason. And on the first night of our stay, I immediately noticed something that is not good in my eyes. Although the cottages are already at its prime and I believe that it needs some refurbish but it should not become the reason for this kind of electrical fixtures as it could possibly turn down guest of coming back. Not to mention the safety hazard that it poses unless it was approved by licensed electrician and the fire department, which I doubt. A small spark could ignite a big fire since the materials used in the cottage are made of light materials and are already very dry.

This is simply another blunder in aesthetic fixtures.

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