The Gateway to Central Philippines

If you haven’t been in Cebu or have been there already and still are looking for spots or destinations to see and visit, the video below is a good guide for you to explore Cebu. I stumble on the video while I was browsing the net for information since January is fast approaching and Cebu is very well known for the Sinulog Festival. In fact, as early as October hotels and pension houses are fully booked already for the Sinulog activities.

6 thoughts on “The Gateway to Central Philippines

  1. Pinx

    I call Cebu my home (even though I was born and raised in Davao City). The short 13 years I’ve spent in Cebu were the most amazing years of my life! Cebu will always be my place to be. Thanks for dropping by sir.

  2. My Picnic Basket

    I always like to visit Cebu but every time I am in the Philippines it often luck of budget after spending with my family hehe..maybe one day..I did not know that you were from Davao like I am until I read this post..

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