Interior Furnishing Structural Flaw?

I have captured a lot of things in my lens during my visit in Cebu City last March though it was a gloomy afternoon when I arrived yet it is nice to be back in Cebu again. What I have seen mostly is the completion of skyscrapers and some are having their finishing touches. I would say that there are no economic crises in Cebu considering the influx of skyscrapers around the city and its neighboring cities. It’s been sprouting here and there from the last 6 years or so and there’s no stopping yet. I will be featuring some of them in my next post.

The structure above is one of the newly completed edifice that houses mostly dining and resto establishments. And at one point while we were dining at one of the restaurants there, I saw a piece of decor inside the restaurant that instantly became an eye sore to me. What you can see below is one of the interior furnishings which I think has structural flaw. Perhaps the one who plan it don’t have the concept of aesthetics (sorry for my use of word and being blatant) or probably was in hurry to make things done.

The concept and the design of the furnishing are good and even elegant at some angle but only if the electrical cord is hidden and not hanging in front of it. It just destroys its image.

31 thoughts on “Interior Furnishing Structural Flaw?

  1. athena

    whenever i design (i studied product design) a lamp, the second thing i think about is the placement of the wires. it could really really ruin a piece if the wires are really exposed (unless “tastefully” done). in this case, it’s an interior detail gone bad. tsktsk.

  2. Sumi

    Haha.. That’s definitely a structural flaw! 😀 Even the most stylish pieces can get ugly with a very visible electrical cord hanging in front of it.. XD

  3. Ness

    I stayed in Cebu for almost 3yrs and I have seen a lot of these in several buildings there. Even in some known malls. Haha! Funny but it seems to be juust ignored by the locals there. 🙂

  4. Angie Vianzon

    I do agree on that being an eye sore. The design is good but it went bad with the cable hanging in front of it. I wish whoever installed that will be able to read your post so that they can do something about it.


    I personally think that they did not plan in putting that lamp there. Some people who just rent a space don’t give too much planning on their interior design. So, even if the intention is to place that lamp to improve the aesthetic appearance of their space, it defeats the purpose.

  6. maritel

    that is so….ugly. they should have used switches for their lamps. even the outlet should not be there. isn’t that against the building code?

  7. The Chef

    hahahaha..speechless.. tsk tsk.. i think this is an after thought.. nevertheless the should have fixed or if its a column they just have properly lined it at the back of the lighting fixture and plugged it internally inside the ceiling.. hahaha.. just great..

  8. Gil Camporazo

    you’ve a good critical eye. you’ve noticed the flaw of a structure. Cebu is really a good commercial place to visit. She was once considered the queen city of the south.

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