Overnight Camping by the Beach

Last year’s family camping at the beach became a customary annual event as we held another overnight camp out by the beach. The location wasn’t that far from our place as we only have to drive about 20 to 25 kilometers. And there are around seven families already who confirmed to spend overnight at the beach at that time and we are sure that it will be more since we have set the date during the Eid holidays. In the end there were ten families who stayed and some just can’t make it because of work scheduling that was changed in the wee hours and some have to go to work.

Camping by the BeachThe timing of the family outing was just right as it is not that cold yet unlike the other year that they have to endure the November winter which I presume had dropped up to 11 degrees Celsius. And last week’s camping was our first since we did not go overnight the year ago because our son is not feeling well and was actually sick with fever few days before the event. We went home before midnight since it became so cold already and is not doing well for our son even he still wanted to play with other kids.

This time around they slept inside the tent while I and about two dozens of us just enjoyed staying awake the whole night but when the sun rises it was only five of us who endured. And it is one of the reasons why I stayed awake and wanted to go an overnight camping, so I can see the beauty of the sunrise. The evidence is obvious on the photo above though I would say that it wasn’t a great capture but it is already good for me being a newbie. On the other hand, it is also the best time to capture a blue hour snapshot and I have my very first one before the sun rise.


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