Remembering the Old Time

Since I am on my way to a vacation anytime sooner, in fact, I am already counting the remaining days and since the main point of going home is for our youngest sister’s wedding day, I just can’t hold not to remember the old times. You can check out the video below and tell me what’s in your mind.

I was hoping that the video above can be included in Tuesday Travel.

7 thoughts on “Remembering the Old Time

  1. Adin B

    It is so beautiful! I love the video, sir rob. Thanks for sharing. I saw that remains on some of my cousin’s photos during their trip and was that in Bacolod? Is sure is beautiful! What a wonderful wedding!

  2. Cookie

    I can see your eyes sparkling, hehe. I love the video, it made me shed a tear. You and your wife looked so in love together 😉 And the music played was so meaningful. Wishing you both more happiness in your marriage.
    Good luck also to your sis’ wedding.
    Visiting from TT

  3. Travelholic

    Sir Rob!!! I am glad you included your wedding video! It is so beautiful and romantic I shed a tear watching at it. 🙂 Your wife is so beautiful and you both are equally lucky and blessed to have each other! Your wedding was so special and grand! Just so WOW! Dugangi pa inyong liwat kay aron mosanay ang inyong “good” genes! 🙂

    Now that vacation time awaits you, I wish you a wonderful escapade back home! Take lots of pictures to share for TT. Mao nalang imong mapahat sa amoa nga di pa maka-tamak sa atong Pilipinas Kong Mahal! 🙂

  4. amiable amy

    That is really great right? Going home to celebrate a happy moment…Congratulations to your sister.

    Btw,the video? AWESOME! My gosh! Perfect! What is the title of that song?

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