Remembering the Tragic Day at the Mall

As I was ghost writing for someone several days ago about fire safety, it reminds me of the tragic event that happened in the Villagio Mall. It was so tragic that it cost the lives of 19 people and what made it more devastating is that 13 of them are children below 5 years old including the triplets. Below were our shots during one of our visits in the children’s theme park inside the mall.


Below is one of the attractions at the center of the mall where they replicate the famous Gondola in Venice and customers can ride the boat  at a minimal fee. Several steps from the right side of the left photo, where you can see a blue car, is where the fire started and trapped the children in a day care center inside the mall.


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29 thoughts on “Remembering the Tragic Day at the Mall

  1. analou

    So sad to hear about what had happened in that mall especially when it killed people. We should be very cautious when handling fire and always be aware of what to do if a fire occurs.

  2. jheylo

    aawwwww! What sad news! I haven’t heard about it though. Hearing about the casualties and most of them were children under 5 are totally heartbreaking. I have two children of my own and I cannot imagine myself loosing one of them. I feel sorry for the parents who lost their loved ones in any kind of tragedy.

  3. Adeline

    Any event that results to people getting injured or killed is really tragic. My prayers go out to all the families of the victims, especially the ones that lost their little children.

  4. Franc Ramon

    This is a sad events. They ought to do more fire drills for places like this. Though its really difficult in a mall when there is fire since it’s usually crowded.

  5. Monica

    Yeah I remember that day. I still feel sorry for those innocent children who lost their lives before blooming. Your photos are a reminder of that. Anyway nice shots.

  6. archiedelara

    When I heard the news via TFC in Riyadh about the tragedy in Villagio, I couldn’t believe that it could happen to a high-end mall in Doha. Now every time I see a huge mall in Riyadh, I’m hoping they have proper facilities to secure safety.

  7. ralph

    that’s just too sad… the safety of the people should be considered first before anything else… fire exits, sprinklers, extinguishers must be accessible to all. hope not to happen again. Yahweh bless.

  8. Adin Blankenship

    What a beautiful mall this is. My family and me would surely love this place and won’t be stressed out since the kids will have some fun things to do. How beautiful! I am so sorry about the tragic story of the place. That is so devastating. Visiting you back sir Rob and thanks for sharing the photos. 🙂

  9. Rcel

    It’s always traumatic when there is a tragedy in a public place where you yourself have witnessed jud ba. That place is so like the Venetian in Las Vegas pud. Pareho kaayo! 🙂

  10. In-in

    We were in Canada eating our breakfast when the news came out about it. At first, I didn’t understand what happened until I listen to it intently. It is sad that someone could do that without remorse and hesitation.

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