Safety Tips when Travelling by Car

Outdoor camping is an experience one should not miss. Going outdoors for a camp-out and getting away from the city noise and clutter is a welcome treat. A lot of things are always taken into consideration whenever you go out to a place you are not familiar with.

First, one has to know where he wants to go and always do a research about the place you selected and one may talk to some people who have been to that place which is the best way. Safety should always come first on the list too. Second, one has to have a checklist for all the things to bring and as I always said it should have the very basic first aid kit, waterproof flash lights, extra batteries, insect repellent lotions, a portable GPS, a waterproof case for valuable items like cellphones, camera and other electronic gadgets and of course do not forget to bring a map of the campsite.

Being a safety advocate myself, I just want to share the basic acronym “B-L-O-W-B-A-G” that most still doesn’t know especially if you plan of travelling with your car.

B – for Brakes

L – Lights

O – Oil/lubes/fluids

W – Water or coolant for the radiator

B – Batteries

A – Air pressure of tires

G – Gas

There could be more things to check like clutch linings, early warning devices and a lot more just make sure the car is good to go for a long ride. One may also inquire for the location of the nearest hospital, police station or any emergency units available in the area for a quick access in cases of emergency.

2 thoughts on “Safety Tips when Travelling by Car

  1. Pretty Kat

    thanks for the tip sir rob.. sige lang ko promise nga mopalit ug waterproof flash light, hangtud karon wa japon ko kapalit..thanks for reminding me.

    weee maayo unta ikaw na sunod bisitahon sir rob…

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