Sunset at Bohol Beach Club

During our stay for three nights at Bohol Beach Club we are able to get a snapshot of the sunset but in reality it is actually only the reflection of the sun rays that we took considering that Bohol Beach Club is on the east side of Panglao Island. So you won’t be able to see the sun itself and it is not about the clouds that maybe you will think that it was covered.



The photo below was when the tide is low already and that is perfect for kayaking and beach walking.

5 thoughts on “Sunset at Bohol Beach Club

  1. sir rob

    @ macherie: It was indeed pink because it is only a reflection from the true sunset coming from the west and this snapshot was facing the east.

    All of the photos posted here haven’t been into any photo editor for any kind of enhancement except only for re-sizing and cropping.

    @ vernz: I’ve been longing to drop by there in Davao since I also have a close from our rescue group that resides there. Hopefully, we can have some time this coming March.

    @ pretty kat: That was way back 2009 after our wedding in my 2nd vacay.

    @ reese: Thank you. Haven’t been leaving a comment in your blog lately.

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