The Baby is now a Reality

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 18. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from WAHWM of Work at Home Wife and Mother.

It’s been five (5) days since my last post and the quietness here won’t go awry any further. The crossing fingers are finished and that I have on hand what I am longing for in a long time. So it is now official that this blog has achieved its one goal that the baby is now a reality.

Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m sure not, so let’s get going.

Photography is not new to me and I love taking shots despite the dilapidated PowerShot S400 PNS I got in a good prize for you my friend. It’s not that it was broken or had issues, it’s just SLR was way high in my priorities at that time and way expensive too (that was 7 years ago). But I am not getting closer or near becoming an expert in photography either, I am just enjoying it when I was able to earn sixth place from more than hundred entries in an online photo contest. And the photo below was my entry using the PowerShot S400 PNS. What you think of my shot?

Mitigating Life's Uncertainties - Travel PhotologAnd then, when I have the means to get a DSLR, other family priority has to be taken of first and keep that on hold for another time once again. But yesterday was the reality coming so fast in front of my face that I have to decide which one to take home. I was actually like turn between two lovers in choosing what DSLR I should have. It’s like forever when trying to make a decision and I mean the appropriate decision for this could be for a long while investment.

So in the end, I made my choice and welcome home… 600D. I well introduce you later to her in a separate post. Thanks to my wife for making it a reality. And as of the moment, I am exploring it one at a time. I will show you then a sample.

One thought on “The Baby is now a Reality

  1. Techie She

    congratulations for having a new “baby” …. nice!!! i’m excited for you because it’s something that I wanted for so long but i still need to convince hubby that it’s a need and not a want – and I’m having problems with that part. LOL!

    thanks again for joining. good luck and regards!

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